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Eeeeehh... I wanna post my traditional art but I can't find a proper ooone
*Retreats back to MS Paint*
I'm just gonna stay here with GIMP as well, I'll see ya when I get a better mouse for you FireAlpaca
Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole
Well, That was awesome
Borrowed from :iconthesassyjessy:

Five Nights At Freddy's QUIZ !


1. First off, who is your top three favorite animatronics?
Foxy, Bonnie (LOOK AT THAT CUTIE Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon), and Chica. Not you Freddy NOPE

2. Whose your least favorite animatronic(s)?

3. Do you have a five nights fan character? Do you think about making one?
I had humanized/child versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. (Never posting them up here though)

4. How do you feel about the FNAF fandom?
It's awesome! Everyone's theories about the game are extraordinary!

5. How do you feel about fans shipping their FC's with the official characters?

Absolutely nothin', Do whatever ya want unless you shove it up my face real hard

6. Speaking of ships, do you ship anyone in the game?

7. Out of the many well known ships, which is your least favorite?
I... Don't know... Um, any ships that have to do with the damn Billy Boy?

8. So who made the bite of 87 in your book?


9. Do you think Mangle is male or female?

10. So far, which game do you like the best?
I've played both of them, and they're really fun and good! I'd say 2nd one though.

11. Do you feel that Scott is doing a good job or is he lacking something?
Yep, but can't the jumpscares have a little more "scare"? I mean once you're used to them it's not that scary anymore...

12. Have you beaten both games yet? If not, what nights are you on?
Beat first one, still on 5th night on 2nd.

13. Who is the most scariest to you?
*shudders* Just kidding! None of 'em.

14. Do you watch markiplier play? 

15. Are you familiar with Smike FNAF videos?
Yeah... Gotta love the top 10s though.

16. Toy group or withered group?

17. How do you feel about everyone loving the Purple Guy(s)?  
*Takes out needle* I think that's Vincent you're talking about.

18. Do you have a favorite FNAF artist?

19. What is your favorite FNAF gif?
I don't have a specific one but...
Chica WANTS PIZZA! WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) Dancing Foxy Chat Icon Yeah dammit cuties

20. If you were a night guard, how would YOU try to survive the nights?
If joking

*throws Billy Boy in the trash* NOW LET'S PAAAARTAY! *throws pizza at every animatronic.*
For Real
Um Boss? Can I bring in my shotgun today?

21. How do you think you would feel if you were in an animatronic's shoes? Whats the first thing you'd do?
I would feel torment obviously, being one of the items used to kill the very kids I was given life to make happy. And yeah I'd scare the living crap out of the night guard and laugh hauntingly. (I really like scaring people okay?)

22. Have any favorite Five Nights fan arts?
Oh yeah, LOADS OF 'EM

23. Could you look at Chuck E. Cheese the same way after stepping into the world of Freddy Fazbear's Restaurants?
Yeah, I mean, they can't touch you during day or night, right? Either way, I've never paid much attention to the animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese's.

24. Got a favorite 80's song?
OHMIGOSH SO MANY I DUNNO- WAIT WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH FNAF? (By the way, Livin' on a Prayer, Funkytown, Another One Bites the Dust, etc.)

25. Which animatronic do you feel most connected to?
Golden Freddy, Being the most ignored and acts like a shadow/hallucination

26. Has there ever been a time where the game made you crave pizza?
Mike fuck you Nah.

27. If you had to be stuck in a room with one of the animatronics, who would it be?
BONNIE EEEEEEEEEEE WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 

28. You get killed by your favorite animatronic, whats your last words?
CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon I trusted you.

29. Would you go back after the first night?
Chica's Nope Door Chat Icon (Unless you give me a million bucks, ye)

30. What are some of your favorite things about the game?
Freddy's nose on the poster *boops* *party noises*

31. What are your least favorite things, or stuff you wish you could change about the game?
I don't really mind actually. So none.

32. Do you do anything to keep you at ease when you play the game?
Squeaking Freddy's nose.

33. Do you know much about Scott? How do you feel about him?
Nope, but he's a cool guy

34. If you were an animatronic what kind of animal would you want to be? Would you still remain the same person?
I would be a birb or a dog. 

35. how do you feel about phone guy ?
He's okay, except for the fact that he knows you're about to die.

36. Do you think another game will be made?
Um, *eyes FNAF 3 Trailer*

37. Do you think FNAF is the best game out right now?
Nah, but it's the most popular.


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